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Pinpoint RetireWise is a bespoke Post-Retirement Planning Service, designed to implement a sustainable income withdrawal strategy from your Pension Plans, while also incorporating other sources of income you may have.

Some of the Post-Retirement products available to support your Retirement


An Annuity provides a guaranteed regular income for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live. You can buy an Annuity with the balance of the money from your pension fund at retirement. The Annuity payments are taxable as income.

Approved Retirement Fund

An Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) is a personal tax efficient investment fund into which you can transfer all, or part of the balance of your pension fund, after you receive your retirement lump sum. You are required to make income withdrawals from your ARF during your retirement lifetime which are taxable as income.

Investment Bond

An Investment Bond is a personal investment into which some, or all of your tax free lump sum at retirement, can be transferred. You can make withdrawals from the investment bond to supplement your ARF withdrawals or your Annuity income.

Some of the important interlinked factors that allow us to customise your RetireWise pension solution:

Your age at retirement and expected life expectancy or ‘longevity’ is a very important consideration when withdrawing from your assets. All things equal, a person retiring at 60 has a longer retirement term than a person retiring at 65.

Retirement lifestyle cost
Quite simply how much do you intend spending each year in retirement? We can plan for different phases in retirement e.g. an ‘Active Phase’ for the first 10 years where you might travel more and require more income.

Income Strategy
How much of your income in retirement should be guaranteed and how much should be variable? Is it wise to cover off my basic living expenses with an Annuity for example? Would I like my retirement income to increase each year by a set amount, or am I happy to review it each year depending on market conditions?

Income Sources
We examine all your likely sources of retirement income. Whether from an Annuity, ARF, State Pension or Rental Income, RetireWise presents a clear financial picture of where your income will come from each year of your retirement.

Investment Strategy
RetireWise will select the most suitable investment strategy for your ARF and other liquid investments, to support a sustainable withdrawal rate. This will allow you to enjoy the retirement you dreamed of without worrying about the depletion of your assets before you die.

Withdrawal Strategy
At what rate and in what order should I withdraw from my retirement assets? By looking at the full picture, RetireWise will illustrate the most tax efficient means of withdrawing from your assets to provide your retirement income.

Pension Drawdown Rules
There are certain rules associated with withdrawing income in retirement from an ARF. Your RetireWise plan will automatically work within these rules.

Legacy Goals
You may desire to leave some liquid assets as part of your final estate. If so, we will factor this in to the RetireWise plan, and simulate different drawdown rates and strategies to help realise this goal.

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