Pinpoint Compass Wealth Plan

The Pinpoint
Compass Plan

Guiding you on your
financial journey

The pinpoint Compass Wealth Plan

The Pinpoint Compass Plan is a financial planning solution designed and tailored to your specific needs.
It provides a clear visual representation of your financial position, both now and into the future, all underpinned by a powerful reporting tool.

The pinpoint Compass Wealth Plan approach

Pinpoint your
current financial

Determine your
financial goals

Plan your
financial journey

agreed strategies

Check and
re-calibrate at
agreed intervals

The Pinpoint Compass Plan is adaptable at the touch of a button, allowing meaningful discussion and advice around important financial scenarios that may impact your financial future, such as these below:

When is the earliest I will be able to retire?

Many people entertain the idea of retiring early. But will this be a realistic option? The Compass WealthPlan allows us to plan multiple retirement scenarios within one overall financial plan.

What level of spending am I on course for in retirement?

By taking into account all your income producing assets and pension plans, the Compass WealthPlan shows clearly how much your income in retirement will be and where it will come from.

What factors may arise that could negatively impact my financial plan?

Different factors may arise that could negatively affect your financial circumstances and your future plans. These could include a reduction in the value of your assets or you could experience a period of reduced earnings. We can simulate any of these events and assess their impact on your financial plan.

How would ill health impact on my lifestyle and financial goals?

Ill health can strike at any time. It may be short term or more prolonged. We will examine whether you have the right insurance cover in place to protect your assets and your financial future. We will ‘stress test’ your plan to ensure it can withstand the financial threat from ill health.

How do I meet the education planning needs of my children?

Whether it is private school fees or third level education fees, the Compass WealthPlan allows you to plan effectively to meet this cost by answering questions such as: How much will the education needs of my family cost? How much of this cost can be met from everyday earnings and how much will need to come from a suitable savings and investment plan?

Can I afford to gift to my children and grandchildren?

What will be the impact on my financial future should I begin to gift to my children or grandchildren? Can I afford to do it? Will it reduce future inheritance tax liabilities? The Compass WealthPlan will help answer these questions.

What inheritance tax may arise for the beneficiaries of my estate?

The Compass WealthPlan will provide you with a balance sheet both now, and into the future, at the click of a button. Family members and outside beneficiaries such as charities can be included in the plan. The fully optimised ‘tax brain’ of the software allows a detailed estate planning report to be prepared at any time.

Should I purchase an investment property or invest more in a pension plan?

The Compass WealthPlan allows us to model and compare different outcomes based on different inputs to the plan. So we can examine closely what your financial future may look like before you commit to a financial decision e.g. keeping an investment property v. selling an investment property.

Whether you’re a private individual, business owner or professional, the Pinpoint Compass Wealth Plan will provide a clear pathway to your financial future, thereby allowing you to plan for the ‘What If’ scenarios that may arise.

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